IMG_28041Benefits for the child

Learning is supported through the types of activities on offer, maximising the achievements for every child. They are in an environment that is familiar, with professional, friendly committed staff making them feel safe,  providing security and continuity throughout their day.Children have the opportunity to socialise with a wide range of children and adults improving social skills. Extended services are organised to bring more fun into learning, making the whole experience more enjoyable. This raises confidence and self esteem of all children involved, improving attitudes towards the school and learning.


Benefits for the parents/carers

Each parent/carer has peace of mind knowing once they leave their child at school they will remain there until the end of the day. The extended services supports the work life balance of parents/carers, and encourages others to return back to work knowing local childcare is available. Childcare is affordable and professionally run providing a stable service. To support parents/carers further we are able to provide advice on the childcare element of Working Tax Credit to help with financing the childcare. Parent workshops are offered informing parents on healthy eating, offering extra activities and sport for their families, some of these are free of charge.



High Achievers is a professional business able to fulfil all the requirements of the children, school, parents/carers and community. We would like to work in partnership with the school in providing the extended services on site. These services are high quality and offer value for money for the parents, providing great learning experiences for the children enabling them to reach their full potential.

We welcome any enquires, so please contact us for further information and we can discuss your school requirements further.